Hot Yoga,
for Every-Body
Level 2, Stonewood Homes
26 & 2 Bikram's,
Beginning Yoga
Beginning Yoga,
for Broken Bodies

Yoga for the People Welcome

Hot Yoga for Every-body

Yoga for the People is for every-body! All body types, all sexes, all ages, all ethnicities, all fitness levels are welcome at our studios. 

Our classes will help you achieve your optimal weight, build muscle tone, enhance your well-being and peace of mind. Yoga has been shown to relieve back problems, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, digestion problems, high blood pressure, arthritis, and more. Safe and effective for every-body no matter how old and stiff you might think you are. Yoga has improved the mobility and lives of millions of people just like you all around the world. Make the decision to start today.

Our classes are accessable to everyone, beginners and more experienced students alike. It does't matter how fit or flexible you are!

26 & 2 Bikram Method

Bikram hot yoga is specially designed as a therapeutic series to help you heal your body, recover from injury and generally get your body working top to toe and inside out!  You'll be amazed at the difference you feel in your body after your first class. 

We have the original Bikram 90 minute class and our lunchtime Hot 45 minute Express class.

Hot 60

A faster moving class which builds on the Bikram series. As well as the original 26 postures, Hot 60 includes sun salutations, arm balances, and additional postures to open the hips and hamstrings and work deeply into the nervous system.

Suitable for all levels, you’ll come away feeling strong, energised and grounded. 

Yin Yoga

A complimentary style of yoga where postures are held for 2 – 5 minutes allowing you to access the connective tissue, ligaments and joints. Practiced in a ‘warm’ room.

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